Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is based on the idea that all students have the potential to learn and be successful. This can be achieved when the teacher takes an active interest in the total well being of each student. Students should be provided with a safe, secure place where they can express themselves in a variety of ways.

Music instruction in a band environment creates a unique opportunity to nurture and develop the soloist into an integral part of the ensemble. Enthusiasm, motivation, and discipline are key characteristics I employ, because they are contagious and make learning fun. Dynamic lesson plans, inside and outside of the classroom walls, are the foundation of an effective education. Students learn best when a variety of resources are used to achieve objectives, such as multimedia activities, cooperative learning strategies, guided student practice, and non traditional teaching techniques.

Music is a very effective way to reach the emotions of our students and it is my goal to enrich, encourage, and touch the musical side within each and every student.